question on aide coveage for hospice

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for those of you in home hospice - how many days a week will your company provide home health aides to patients? Mine only does a max of (monday through friday) and my boss always says it's because medicare won't allow for 7 days of aide visits...but every other hospice in our area does 7 days. I'm wondering if mine just doesn't want to deal with hiring and retaining weekend aides, or if the other hospices are doing something they aren't supposed to?

Stcroix, ASN, RN

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our is 5 but doesn't have to be weekdays only, we do Saturdays too.



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We can provide 6 days per week. Our aides currently rotate Saturdays. As our census grows we are contemplating adding Sunday's as well.

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Our aides can go in 2-3 daily seven days a week if the need is there



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Our aides are scheduled 7 days a week...although few patients are actually seen every day. Some are, though. We like to start patients off with daily visits to get a full understanding of what they need; then we adjust their care plan based on the updated assessment. Actively dying patients are seen 7 days a week by the RN and the aide. GIP patients are seen 7 days a week by RN and aide (unless in hospital; aides don't see patients in the hospital).