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  1. Hi, I am new to this site and have a question...

    I posted this on the general discussion forum also since It seems as if this area does not get as much traffic...

    I applied for a site reviewer postion, got an email back and plan on calling to talk with them further, but I am wondering if they are a good company to work for.

    Does anyone here know of UNIVAL ? Ever work for them or known someone who has? Is this a good company to work for? IS there a high turn-over of employees? Do you get enough work?

    They say their pay rate is 32/visit for each site visit with $10/hr for travel time plus miliage, and expenses. Is this the going rate?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Ginger's Mom
    Depends where you are located but $32 hour seems very low and $10 traveling time is barely min. wage.

    Don't know anything about the company but wages are low, Alex
  4. by   ARBY

    I have worked for UNIVAL for almost 2 years now. I live out in the middle of nowhere in TX and even tho the pay is kinda low, it's as good as anything I can get here.

    Pay is determined by the kind of review you do, The easier site review is $32 PER SITE (generally takes about half an hour) and the longer component site review is paid at the rate of $24 per hour.

    I DO wish they paid ACTUAL miles (not -40miles) and actual time for travel. They seem to base travel time on 60 mi/hr and many times travel is within a city at the rate of about 35 mi/hr. But, as I said, considering where I live, the pay is better than nothing and the work really isn't hard. My last assignment was to 3 different cities in the same day and 300 miles travel...I made $240 for the day. It has gotten me out to some places I probably wouldn't have seen otherwise ... interesting.

    Work varies, sometimes a couple months without assignments and then 3 in the same week or day. But, that depends too on where you live... not much going on in West TX.

    I guess I was spoiled doing HEDIS for an insurance co. when I lived in So. CA...paid $30/hr for EVERYTHING, calling to set up the appointment, driving to the office, auditing the charts, getting the info redy to mail back to the company. Those were the good ole days but NOBODY is doing HEDIS in west TX ... only the bigger cities like Dalla/Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin, etc. Guess no one cares about heathcare or the lack there of in West TX
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  5. by   DianeM47
    I have worked for Unival for a year and a half. The work available in my area is very sporadic which is ok for an old retiree like me. As was mentioned, the pay is correlated to the degree of difficulty of the assignment. A flat fee is paid for an office visit/initial site review and takes about 1/2 hour - that's the $32. The subtraction of the 40 miles is what is considered normal commuting so you get paid for miles beyond that number.

    These uncomplicated site visits are not rocket science, believe me. Nurses that work in areas with more complex record reviews/facility reviews probably have more work and get paid more.

    This is not a high-paying industry. I have worked for another company doing HEDIS reviews where the pay was per chart abstracted that also required entering the data on your computer. I believe that was $9/chart. The pay per chart dropped when data entry was no longer required. I made the most money doing record abstraction from my home but that is no longer being offered by that company this year.

    Does anyone know of similar companies? Or the health care plans that hire their own HEDIS people?
  6. by   ARBY
    Molina HealthCare is who I worked directly for in So. CA. Sure wish I could find HEDIS out here in west TX. I recently did some pre HEDIS work in Washington DC and that company (out of MO) was hoping to get a contract for HEDIS for my area, but they didn't

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