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  1. Hello, I have been an LPN for 22 years. I live in GA. I've worked in med surge, Humana Care Manager, Long term care, Peds, hospice, and Private duty. I'd like to know how i would began to work as a Hedis Nurse? Is any training in my area?
    Thanks Linda
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  3. by   jlminnc
    Did you ever find out anything about Hedis abstracting? I am also a Humana Care Manager and am wanting to get into doing Hedis.
  4. by   renge1
    Hello jlminnc,
    No, no one has responded to my message. I stopped doing care manager in sept
  5. by   jlminnc
    Hi Renge1
    I applied for a Hedis abstractor position on zip recruiter. It's a remote position for my area through Allmed staffing. Believe it or not.. I heard back from them yesterday. I passed the screening. The recruiter is now going to send my resume to the hiring manager for the company. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Make sure you have on your resume that you worked with hedis measures while working as a care manager. I'm curious... Were you a network contractor thru an agency with Humana or an Independent? Why did you quit??