1. After doing some research on becoming certified as a coding, I realize to be taken seriously I much be CCS certified. This is where I become confused. I am looking into self paced courses since I work full time, now these course are for basic coding and would qualify for CCA test not CCS.

    My question is what is need to become CCS or what type of course should I take? I ready don't want to go through the two years college course. Is there another way?
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  3. by   rg42284
    I agree, having the CCS behind your name will go a long way in securing a job. I did the self paced program through Ed2go last year and passed the CCS exam on the firs try, so it's doable. It is self paced, you have up to a year to complete each course, but if you 'get' coding you can complete both in a month or so.

    The courses are self paced, but you need to complete two separate courses to qualify for the CCS exam. Medical Billing and Coding - Online Career Training Program | ed2go
    Advanced Hospital Coding and CCS Prep - Requirements - Online Career Training Program | ed2go

    I would wait, however, until the courses cover only ICD-10 as it will be implemented 10/1/15; it would make no sense to learn ICD-9 now.

    If you have questions, I'd be glad to help

  4. by   nur18
    Thank you for the advices. I saw the courses on ed2go and realize that I had to take both, which be be about 4k. What I didn't realized that it was self paced. I will give it a second look.
    How it the program, do you just have to read passages and answer questions after. I did a sample for a other course and that how it was.
  5. by   rg42284
    Everyone is different, but if you follow the curriculum you'll be ok. From my experience, to fully understand each chapter, I completed all coding practices, assignments, etc.
  6. by   empatheticRN
    On the AHIMA website, there is a list of eligibility requirement for sitting for the CCS course. If I complete the ED2go course (Advanced Hospital Coding and CCS Prep - Requirements - Online Career Training Program) would that all I need to get the CCS certification? or will I need coding experience as well. This is one of the most difficult field to get into and I really want to be certain. Do you work from home Richard and do you have a coding job?
  7. by   empatheticRN
    rg42284 how long did it take to complete both course? Did you have prior coding experience?