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Is anyone out there planning to celebrate Quality Healthcare Week? (13 Oct - 19 Oct ) This is my first year as QA/QI Manager and I would be thankful for ideas. Thanks a lot.


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Hi Qnurse,

I cannot say that I knew next week is quality healthcare week, but I enjoy QA/QI. I find it helpful. Maybe you could do something fun, like QA the number of happy people providing healthcare, or post a board in the cafeteria with positive indicators (ones that health care workers should strive for). Or post in a prominent place all the really good QA/QI data - not just the high ratings, but most improved,etc... frankie


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Qnurse, I am interested in hearing what you did for the Quality Healthcare Week - let me know - frankie

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Gosh I did QI for several years and never heard of it................COOL........



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Frankie and Renerian

I recently joined the National Association for Healthcare Quality workers(NAHQ). This association allows for international membership for which I am grateful. The web site offers a lot of information on quality matters, Continuing Education, a bi-monthly journal, a quarterly newsletter and so on. It was there I saw that Healthcare Quality Week.

Frankie it was late in the day, so I did not plan much. I bought some pens and pins with the theme "Focus on Quality" and I am going to give the Unit Managers and staff who sit on the Nursing CQI committee with me and tell them thank you for the hard work .We will plan better next year, God willing.We also have posters with the theme to be placed on all units on all units



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Qnurse, Frankie here. So sorry you did not get the suggestions in time. It sounds like you have done a few things to make the week brighter for the hosptial. Changing the topic - I was just in the Cayman Islands in July - wonderful place. Plan to return. Going to Nassau in a few weeks. Frankie


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QNurse...sounds like you did a good job with such short notice. I'm Dir. of R.M./P.I. and I knew it was Healthcare Quality Week, however I was caught in the middle of a major "reduction in force"......no one felt like celebrating quality. Anyway, I've been in QA/QI/PI (whatever you want to call it) for 9 years....NAHQ is a good organization....also there is probably a state or regional chapter you could join. Also, work toward certification. I gained the CPHQ 4 years ago....now working on risk management cert.

Good Luck.


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Does anyone have plans for Quality Healthcare Week in 2003? Is is October 12th - 18th?

Did anyone do anything fun last year? We just finished with JCAHO Survey and everyone is sorta tired. Need something easy yet fun!

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