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qualifying course for uk nurse to register with crnbc before moving to vancouver

Hi everyone.

I am in the process of moving to vancouver, already have job offer. However CRNBC stated that there is a shortfall in obstetric hours from my nurse training and have advised a course to satisfy their requirements. I understand that I must do this course before they would consider issuing me with a temporary work visa and this can be done in the UK. I am a bit astounded with the CRNBC as I am a nurse specialist with over 15 yeas experience and have a degree in nursing I feel that this is all red tape. I am not even going to be working in the field of maternity so why would they want me to do extra hours etc. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Your experiences and comments would be very much appreciated.

In the US, as well as Canada, you must be licensed as a "generalist" and that is what is required, that you have experience, both clinical and theory in the required areas. Our systems of training is different from that of the UK. UK system trains nurses as specilaists.

But it must be met in order to get a license to practice. All foreign nurses wishing to work in another country must meet the requirements of that country, and you see the same thing all of the time wiht UK nurses going to work in the US.

The coursework must be done thru an approved school of nursing, cannot be done by volunteering, etc.

Which hospital will you be working at?

I live in vancouver.

i would be working in the community as a home care nurse

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