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Qualifications for Nursing in Spain

by wintry wintry (New) New

Hello, Nurses!

I'm a newly graduated nurse and is about to take the board exam in a few months. Although my family is set to have me work in Saudi Arabia as soon as I can (mother is a nurse there, and father is an engineer, both Filipino), my fiancee (Romanian, EU Citizen) lives and works in Spain, specifically Sevilla, and I would like to try to find a job there as soon as I can, for we plan to settle there in the near future.

I would like to ask what are the requirements needed in working in the EU, and specifically Spain. Such as license exams similar to NCLEX for the US, visa application and type, years of job experience, and the like.

I've read about some difficulties in compatibility of the Nursing education received here in the Philippines and that of Spain, which might require one to take additional schooling in Spain? What are the ways around this? I am aware that I have to fluent in Spanish for a language examination. I can speak moderate Chavacano (broken Spanish in the Philippines, rooted from the time of Spanish occupations), but I'm willing to take Spanish classes.

I am willing to work in any nursing field and amount of pay is not of issue at the moment. Also would marrying my fiancee soon help in speeding up my visa application, and increase the chances searching and landing a job?

I would appreciate any help! And any links to sites that might be helpful to me, as well as advice from personal experiences.

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Are you fluent in Spanish/medical Spanish? Your ability to work will be hindered by not being a citizen or holder of an EU passport.


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There is an old thread somewhere on nursing in Spain. Lots of info.

public hospitals were laying off staff earlier this year.

You need to brush up your Spanish. People expect fluency from health care providers, especially in the private hospitals.

My Spanish was learnt in school and is nowhere near good enough to work there.

Spain is suffering under the European economic crisis. Not as bad as Greece, but it's hard on people