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Hello, I am a pediatric heme/onc nurse at a Children's Hospital and we are looking to do a poster project regarding staff/patient education topics, patient safety issues, performance improvement issues or clinical issues pertaining to our type of unit. Any other nurses out there have ideas/suggestions/issues on your floor? Thank you!!!

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Hello there

I am also apediatric hema/onco Nurse. I just love it. I have some ideas for the posters:

1. Caring of central lines (nurses or family perspective)

2. Importance of play therapy for oncology patients

3. Caring of immunocompromised patients at home

This what I have for now. If I got new ideas, i'll post them

Good luck

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Central line infections are a huge one in oncology.

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Oooh! Now that the cold/flu season is almost upon us, perhaps another review on infection control practices.

Or how 'bout reviewing chemo precautions for the home?

Destressing techniques? Our sickle cell kiddos would seem to have a pain crisis around stressful times (especially at the end of the school year!). It could even help parents! AND staff members! :)

Good luck!