PVT Trick worked for me 6/2017!!!!! NCLEX RN


I finish with 87 questions on the NCLEX RN last question was a select all that apply I know I got it wrong.

I had maybe 20-25 SATA

But either way the PVT worked for me

I checked after I received the email from Pearson which was 1 hour after I finished the exam. I did it wrong at first but then realized that I still had to hit submit order.

I checked 1 hour after 2 hours 5, 9 the next day you name it and I got the same thing each time "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam.Another registration cannot be made at this time"

The message that I got when I said I did it wrong was after I placed my card info and hit next the message "Your order is not complete until you click the submit order button"

You must I repeat you must hit the first submit order button

Don't hit the second submit order button

I received my unofficial PASS grade today

so the trick worked for me and a few others

still works in 2017 (at least for me)

Good Luck to everone

I just took my Texas NCLEX PN last Wed 06/21/17 and did the PVT the following day and got the same message ... "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time." I cannot figure out this PVT at first because there's a lot of videos and stories about it. I passed, got my results after paying Quick Results fee at exactly 48 hrs after the exam.

There was a lady on YouTube who said do not give the correct expiry date of the credit card for safety purposes.

UWorld simulates the material for NCLEX as far as I know. They are up-to-date with the multiple choice questions, SATA/multiple response questions, drag and drop, HotSpots. I got 64% and 71% on my 2 assessment predictors. I also used Hurst, plus ATI which we used at school.

The key to NCLEX is know your content - Fundamentals, Pharmacology, MedSurg, Mental Health, Maternal-Newborn, Care of Children/Pedi, Leadership /Management. Of course, infection control will always be there and Pharmacology. I got a lot of SATA questions from the very beginning, one after the other, probably around 25-35 questions and multiple choice questions, and 1 Dosage Calculation. I thought to myself, OMG, this is like UWorld practice where I only got 55%-64% for every 85 set of practice questions. After 1 hr, I was at question 45. I looked again and I was at question 70, and then I didnt look again. The computer shut down probably in the 80s or 90s.

Expect the worse in NCLEX RN or PN. If you get the easy question, you are lucky.

Good luck to all.


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I took the NCLEX PN in July of 2017, computer shut off at 85 questions. I tried the PVT 4 hours later, and got the good pop up. I kept checking every 8 hours while waiting for my unofficial results, and each time it still showed the good pop up. I used a gift card that only had a few bucks on it. So far 10 of my classmates have used the trick and the PVT was accurate. If they got the bad pop up then they actually failed, and if they got the good pop up they passed. One of my classmates didn't submit the order so she received the bad pop up, which was probably because she did it wrong, but she passed. So the PVT has worked so far for my classmates and I, in July of 2017. Good Luck to everyone!!!!!


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Congratulations to you and your classmates!!!!


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Thank you!!! Congrats to you also. :)


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hi all just confirming that the PVT DOES work. I am from NJ and just took the NCLEX on Monday August 7 2017 . My computer shut off at 87 questions as well and gollllly geeze , the SATA's were no joke! I stopped counting after 32!! I had no math calculations, 1 or 2 drag and drop, 1 picture, a few charts. I only used KAPLAN and as per my school and other school peers that graduated and successfully passed the NCLEX, you must finish all your trainers and do the entire qbank making sure you understand the rationales and that i did. Anyway, i finished my exam in about 2 hours and yes i did the additional questions that did not count. Once I raised my hand my palm was re-scanned and the proctor told me they submitted my exam and wait for an email. I ran to the bathroom because I was a mess!! By the time i left the pearson facility (20 minutes) They had already emailed me. So I went ahead and tried the PVT with my credit card and all i changed was my expiration date EVERYTHING else i left the same. AND I hit SUBMIT PAYMENT and i sure enough got the good pop up."Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam.Another registration cannot be made at this time", I almost passed out again! I actually went shopping afterwards to calm my nerves and panickly waited (lol) spoke to 4 other friends who tested same day and the tricked worked for them as well the ones that passed received the GOOD POP UP the ones that failed the credit card declined or the payment was taken. ALSO, waiting for the 48 quick results, so 15 minutes before my time reached 48 hours I was able to get my quick results not a minute earlier, I kept trying every few minutes, for a friend of mine , it allowed him to do quick results (3-4) hours before his 48 hours were up and he failed. Not sure if this is a new thing but we all kept trying as a PACK and realized that. OAN good luck to you test takers and for those who failed please do not feel discouraged, the hardest part was nursing school now its time to review and understand. I wish you all look!!


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Pearson Vue Trick worked for me also. Only way I think I managed to get a good nights sleep after I sat the exam!


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First time that i tried PVT on my first exam December 2017, my debit card went through and charged me, after that BON WA emailed me about my results that i failed. I used Kaplan for review.

After that, took my NCLEX RN April 19, 2018 for the second time and Passed with 245 questions (Run out of time) PVT worked with a good pop up. I passed! I used Uworld and a little of Kaplan.