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I am trying to use an old card to do the trick...would it work if I click submit or would it show invalid card #?

I'm on the page that says submit order..

Hi wttw,

I took my NCLEX yesterday and tried the PVT. I used an old CC that expired, I used all the same numbers but changed the expiration year and it worked. I got the message, "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time."

Hoping thats the good message lol. Good luck!

CRNA13 how long did you wait to try this?

Thanks for the response

what would happen if you fail? Would it still go through....I don't want any problem coming at me for using an invalid card

It will tell you you cant use the card because it isn't valid. You wont get in any trouble

Used an American express gift card that expired a year ago and it said invalid card


I tried it multiple times. My test was at 8am:

1st: As soon as I got home at around 12pm.

2nd: 2pm

3rd: 5pm

Today at:

4th: 12pm

And will be checking at 5pm. So far I've gotten the same message.

well i guess i didnt pass either

Did it try to charge the card ? U say I failed.

It told me that I needed to insert a valid cc number which leads me to believe I didn't pass