PVT (Pearson vue trick) update May 2018

Nursing Students NCLEX


tl;dr: PVT is not 100%. Do not assume you failed if you can enter your credit card info.

I just want to share my pvt experience in hopes that it will help someone else avoid the panic that I had.

If you don't know about the Pearson view trick, it's basically where you log in to Pearson vue and try to re-register for the NCLEX. According to the internet, you need to wait at least 4 hours. Also according to the internet, if you are able to PAY FOR THE TEST- you FAILED. There are plenty of posts about it here you can search.

Here was my experience: I took the test on a Thursday at 2PM, done by 3PM. At around 4AM Friday (couldn't sleep for some reason....) I tried the pvt.

I was able to enter all my credit card information. That page is "step 1 of 3". When you have completed that information, you are told to go on to the next page, step 2 of 3, but your card will not be charged until you review.

On "step 2 of 3", you confirm your order and hit submit. Once you hit submit, the card is charged. I went to page 2 of 3 but did NOT hit submit because the fee is non-refundable. And what if I passed?

So I went in to full on panic internet research mode and found that people were using CC's with wrong info or visa gift cards with limited funds to "pay" for the new registration to see if the card was declined. According to the internet legend, if the card is DECLINED- you PASS. But- according to logic- if you use a card with the wrong info, OF COURSE it's declined. So really- does the trick work at all anymore?

I have heard of people that recently got the good/pass message that prevents you from registering. I did not. I was able to go to step 2 of 3 and I PASSED. By 10AM the next day I had my license confirmed with the Board of Nursing in my state. And I stayed up all night worried about it for nothing.

You messed up the trick. If you pass, it won't even attempt to charge your card. Everyone can get to step 2/3. If you card is declined you supposedly failed.

Everything I was reading said if you don't get the "good" pop up BEFORE you can enter your credit card info, you failed. But most of that was from a few years ago. The recent stuff I found said if your card was declined, you failed. But how would you know if it was declined because you put in the wrong info, or because you failed?

Regardless I have heard of people getting the "good" pop up recently. So my point was if you don't get that, don't freak out just yet.

Sorry but you didn't do the trick right! You must attempt to pay.

But how would you know if it was declined because you put in the wrong info, or because you failed?

The theory is that if you pass, it never even tries to charge your card. If you put in correct credit card info AND you fail, it will actually take your money and register you for another attempt.

I'm not sure, honestly, whether the PVT is real or not or just a mind game we all play with ourselves. However, I never got a declined message. I just plugged in my debit card, changed the CCV code on the back by one number so it couldn't charge me. I would assume if it were going to decline you because of your card being wrong/having insufficient funds, you'd get a straight up declined message about your card being invalid. But I didn't. I got the "good pop up" that states you've recently scheduled an exam, another registration cannot be made at this time blah blah. I don't know if that's different from what you got, but that's the message I got and I got a pass. EITHER WAY you passed! Which is good and really all that matters out of the PVT thing.

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