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I am a new nurse, 22 years old, and feeling like nursing isn't something I want to do. I have been a nurse for 4 months now, and I am not sure it is the career for me. I was speaking to my sister who is in the pharmateutical field, but took a 2 year study to become a teacher because she wanted to, and put a hold on pharmaceutical for a while. It gave me an idea to go to school for 2 years and study someting I might enjoy a lot more than nursing and do it for a while and when I get a bit older possibly in my late 20's I can get back to nursing. With my BSN, what career can I get into not nursing related. If it were up to me I would go into fashion or styling but im sure I wont return to nursing if I got into that, pretty sure, but I want to do something like dietician or personal trainer or something, any ideas or suggestions please?

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hmm... you are asking for advice on what you want to do for a career. pretty broad topic, that is. just do something you're interested in. i've been a nurse for two years now and i've been saying a lot lately maybe i should have went to beauty school and become a hair dresser instead of a nurse. good luck with whatever you choose.

but also, since you've only been a nurse for four months i'd say maybe stick it out. the field you are currently working in may not be it for you. (:

what i meant was with my BSN , what other fields out there in the medical field can I go into that isnt directly nursing. I will stick it out for a year or 2 to get my experience. Thanks for your input. lol. I was always the student nurse that was told I would be caught having fashion conversations with my patients or designing their gowns. lol. im too sassy for nursing, seriously. but ill give it time, just want some input to think about the possibilites.

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i don't really know of any professions that let you bridge over to a bachelor's in their program like with nursing. if you have a bachelors in accounting or something just bridge over and you can get a bachelor's in nursing. maybe look into it. i'm sure they exist.

other than being a hair dresser, i have also been saying i want to be with a vet and work with animals. (:

i did not pay for nursing school because i had a scholarship but eh, still it's been four years (2 as a nurse and 2 in school). i've learned other skills too though while in this profession.

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Having only been a nurse for 4 months, I can really say you actually have no idea yet if it is for you or not. I can introduce to you nurses of all personalities who do well in a variety of nursing settings.

The bigger issue is that if you take say a two year break, after 4 months experience, and then try to get back into nursing, you are going to find it extremely hard to find a job. Actually if you look at some threads here, you will find people with 10-15 yrs experience who have then taken 2 years off for family reasons or what not, have been having a hard time getting a job now.

If you want to be a Dietician, or a Personal trainer, you would need to go back to school and get certified for either. You could do that while still working as a Nurse.

Many people successfully use the BSN degree to transition into a different role, but in general, the BSN pretty much qualfies you to be a nurse. You might look into working as a Pharmaceutical rep, or product rep. Lots of travel, but no patient care.

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