Pursing Nursing, Wife and two kids to support.

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I am pursing nursing and want to enroll in nursing school in the spring of 2019. I already have some of the pre reqs out of the way, and I want to be ready by then. I have heard that it is almost impossible to work during nursing school, so I'm trying to find out how people survive financially.

I am mathematically and scientifically inclined, so I think I can conquer the study portion, but my main worry surviving financially during those two years.

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Lots of people work and have kids in nursing school, many as CNAs so their employers are pretty flexible with their schedules. There's always part-time classes too.

Check into loans, grants, and scholarships you may qualify for. Contact the program you are interested in and see if they can point in you the right direction.

As Rionor said, there are many people who do work, attend school, and have others to support. Some of those people can handle it and do well, and others struggle. During this time, I recommend getting another job and just putting that money away (or wait an extra semester or two to save up more). If you and your wife have not already done this, create the bare minimum budget during this time.

Lastly, does your wife have a job (outside of being a hardworking mom)? My mom was the breadwinner until my father finished medical school. She actually enjoyed working so much she kept at for awhile afterwards. This may not be the most desirable option, but this is definitely still an option may families have done to get by. Best wishes!

My husband worked and provided the majority of our income and health benefits but I also worked and provided extra money, but I will tell you this, working raising two babies, running a household, maintaining a balance was very stressful depending on each semester. The classes that I thoroughly enjoyed learning about seemed to come easy, those I struggled with were harder to get though but reach out to your instructor when you become bogged down. I did, and it seemed they appreciated the Mom with a family trying more than the "kid living at home trying to just coast". Just my opinion. I had a good support system when it came to studying

I worked as a CNA,mostly because of the flexibility.You can work PRN(as needed). I would work double shifts Saturday and Sunday,then pick up 1-2 shifts during the week.

What helps me now is my classes are at set times. My school schedule will be the exact same for the next year so it's easy to schedule jobs around it.

I currently have classes from 4pm-10pm ..I work for a few agency's,sometimes I work 11-7 shifts after class,and sometimes I work 7am-3 before class...But,If I had a family I would just work doubles on the weekend and try to spend as much time with them during the week before/after class.

I can say that you might want to have a sit down with them and let them know that you will become very busy.

My boyfriend and I have crazy schedules,but we made a deal to continue our 2 date nights a week- no matter what!

Sometimes our dates have to occur at

1am pancake house

Or 1pm quick coffee house..but,we make the time.

You can do it!

The nursing program gets harder as it progresses so,start saving up now and work as much as possible before the program gets harder.

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