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Pulling my hair out!

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I hope someone can give me advise. I have my accociates degree in nursing and have been practicing for 20 years. I have decided to go for my BSN and ultimately my ACNP via a doctorate program. I work full time at night and need an online RN to BSN program (remember I am a practicing nurse I don't need hands on clinicals I get 36 hours per week actual hands on now!) I just need my BSN as a stepping stone to the advanced degree.

I started through Chamberlain a few years back and had to quit due to things going on in my life, I could not keep up with the course work. Things are much more stable and I am prepared to do what it takes. Any advice on schools? I really appriciate it thanks!


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UTA (University of Texas @ Arlington) has a great program I hear. I'm starting in November :) they are accredited, affordable, and 100% online. Check it out!


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I did my RN-BSN through Excelsior College and found it very manageable! (I worked full time, have 2 kids and was pregnant with the 3rd during some of the program.) I am now looking into ACNP programs (one that I'm considering applying to is actually UTA). Good luck with your BSN journey!!