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I am trying to obtain current (2023) information on obtaining my RN license in Puerto Rico.  I have a current RN license in Florida since 1997 but still need to work a few more years before I can retire.

We (my family) are moving to PR early next year so I want to start the process.

Does anyone have any information on this as there is little online and the number to call just rings.  The operator said it is very difficult to contact anyone from the BON there.

Thank you


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Hey there, 

You are correct it is difficult to get in contact with someone from the board of nursing in Puerto Rico. A previous discussion on the topic was posted in 2019, although I would go to the Departmento de Salud - Junta Examinadoras section to get the most updated application.


Thank you Okami!  I appreciate the feedback.

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