Public health nurse opportunity


Hi everyone,

I am planning to have my 300 hours preceptorship duty in the Public health. Do you know if they hire new graduate nurse there or a new nurse who just passed the nclex-rn exam? I am hoping to work in the Public Health as a nurse that is why I am planning to have my preceptorship duty there but I am nervous that no one will hire me after.

Thank you in advance for your reply.


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I would imagine that it depends upon the role. Some may be too autonomous for a new grad who still needs immediate supervision and support. I do applaud your interest in Public Health. I'm dismayed that many new grads seem to feel that anything but acute care is not "real" nursing.

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I got hired as a new grad PHN with the County Public Health Department. Its a great job. with great hours and weekends off! Experience working in the clinical setting was not required. I do mostly administrative case management and i'm also a nurse consultant. Im hoping to pursue a DNP- Public Health soon. Good luck!