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  1. I recently got a call back for a PHN interview! I've only been working for 5 months as a nurse so I recognize that it's gonna be tough to convince them to choose me, but I want to try my hardest!! Part of the interview includes presenting a brief, no more than 3-minute, patient teaching demonstration on any health topic of my choice. I want to choose something that won't be too complicated but will also stand out. I have clinical research experience related to HIV and hepatitis C so I could do one of those, but I think because of what my job duties would be, I should gear it more towards parents or children safety. I am also allowed to use props. Does anyone have any ideas!? I really want to WOW them!
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  3. by   SiwanRN
    How exciting! If they said you can choose any health topic, I would stick with what you have the most familiarity with. It sounds to me like they are more interested in assessing your patient teaching skills than assessing your knowledge of job-related topic (unless, of course, you present incorrect information.. that would not be ideal). It might be helpful to review learning theory for the intended age of the audience for your demonstration and to incorporate those concepts in your session. For example, I sometimes teach groups of people at risk for overdose how to use Narcan (we dispense it through one of the programs where I work) should they encounter an occurence. I would make sure to engage visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles by writing/drawing key concepts on a white board, speak clearly and break concepts down into understandable bites of information, and bring a teaching kit that my audience could pick up and handle to learn how to assemble the nasal spray to practice. I would also provide a sheet with a summary of what was discussed so my audience could refer back to it if they needed to, making sure that my summary incorporated concepts of health literacy by not being at too high of a reading level.

    Best of luck in your interview, and let us know how it goes!