CV for MPH

  1. I am curious about what is considered relevant employment.

    Can I put down any hospital experience I have (I have some PCT experience)? I have community outreach experience like SFSP (food bank--I was actually so organized that I was asked to take the summer associate position as assistant to the Childrens Food Program Coordinator) and crisis center (I think by the time this is absolutely due, I would have gone through crisis hotline training and if I get my part time job, then ASIST training/position as a suicide prevention specialist).

    I have great clinical experience for relevant coursework for Community and Public Health and did "baller" on my windshield survey and made the highest level possible for standardized testing for that class.

    Volunteer experience...I have quite a bit volunteer experience.
    Of course, I have licenses and certifications
    The only awards I have are dean's list
    I think I am going to hold off on professional organizations until I find out if I get in (it can get pricey).

    What would you put down and what wouldn't you put down?

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  3. by   MandaRN94
    Any paid employment that is relevant to nursing I would add. Volunteer work I would put under a different heading.
  4. by   wish_me_luck
    Thanks. Yeah. The layout that I was looking at doing is the following:

    address phone
    __________________________________________________ _____________


    Computer Skills:
    Coursework (relevant): Lecture accomplishments/skills
    Clinical accomplishments/skills

    Employment (relevant):

    Volunteer (I am doing all of it):


    Should I include other work history? The only award/honor I have is Dean's List. I was wanting to join professional organizations, but it's too much right now. So, this is what I have right now. I don't know if it will be good enough, but if it's meant to happen it will. If not, it won't.