Best degree for government health, MSN vs MPH vs MHA

  1. Hello all! I have an interest to work for government again whether it be state or federal. I used to work as a nurse surveyor, utilization nurse, and specialist for Department of Aging and Disabilities. I would like to get my masters now, currently BSN. However, I'm seeking advice on which degree is better for this. I have the following degrees to select from at my local university MSN in administration (can select health policy emphasis), Masters of Public Health, and Masters of Health Administration. Any help would be appreciated!
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  3. by   soso
    Hey jessgonz

    You wouldn't happen to be in TX would you? Saw you worked for DADS. To answer your question, I think it depends on what you want to do. From my understanding, the
    MPH is more broad (has more concentrations like epi, biostats, community health, policy, global health, etc.) but I've seen all three mentioned in federal job decriptions for things like Public Health Advisor/Analyst for the CDC.
  4. by   SummerGarden
    do you want an msn? if so, then get it... if you want an msn and something else, get a combo degree, which is an msn/mph or whatever degree. i know that some schools do not have other masters along with their msn listed in the nursing department. however if you talk to the counselors or the director of nursing you may find that he/she can work with you to obtain a combo with no problem. otherwise, as the other poster mentioned, ask yourself what you plan to do with your master's degree and get the one that fits that plan.

    keep in mind that in this day and age, there are no guarantees. your degree may not lead you to the job you want. the job market continues to shift... some places want one thing while others want another. it all boils down to who you know and that is it...! for example, i have met a few dons with only bsns. some are going back to school to get a masters in something (not necessarily nursing) and others are not. so i am no longer under the impression that i need a msn to do anything.... i just need to meet the right people in my community and my facility to take my career to the next step and i think the same for you... by the way, i worked in public health prior to nursing and i met quite a few bsns as directors of programs without much leadership expeirnce prior to obtaining his/her job. again, it all about who you know. gl!
  5. by   cbolton09
    I think both of them are great healthcare degree programs. A Master's in Public Health would qualify you to work in government-sponsored public health outreach programs. On the other hand, many health services managers who complete an MHA program also work for the government healthcare facilities. So, it depends on which aspect of healthcare interests you more.
  6. by   lyfhckr
    i am a little confused about MSN-MPH and MPH only. What's the difference and which one is better? thanks