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Psychology degree and applying to Nursing School

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Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone could assist me in figuring something out. I, being a naive 18 year old coming into college didn't take my first semester as serious as I should have. I have a big interest in Psychology and have thought of dual majoring. My question is would it be easier (for my situation) to change my major to Psychology and complete it with all the needed science classes for nursing then go and apply for nursing school? I am currently at the University of West Georgia also if that helps anyone that needed to figure out requirements for the school. Thank you!

Hi there,

I would recommend going through nursing school first. I completed my B.S. in psychology back in 2012 and am going back to school to start working on my A.S. in nursing this fall. There are a series of reasons I suggest nursing school first, but the main two are as follows. The course load and schedule is less flexible for nursing majors than psych majors, so the older you are in nursing school the more difficult trying to balance school and life responsibilities. Secondly, once you complete nursing school and become licensed as a nurse you can earn a decent wage and can financially support yourself better should you decide to continue on for a psych degree. If you do it the other way you'll have your psych degree, any loans from it, earn peanuts and have to struggle financially while working on your nursing degree.

Good luck!

That's what I did, tho for different reasons. I got my B.S. in psych and am now completing a 12 month accelerated program (which is absolutely crazy busy and basically I'm miserable, but it's temporary). If I could go back, I would have gone straight for nursing, but I didn't know back then I was interested in nursing so now I'm back in school. Personally, I view my psych degree as worthless. It really is one of those degrees you have to go to grad school for...useless for the future I want. So ask yourself, what do you want? What's your long-term goal? Do you want to be an RN-BSN, psychiatric NP, psychologist...etc? That is also something that could help you make this decision. In my opinion, it depends on how far away from your psych degree you are too...if you still have a ways to go...well that is time wasted you could be in nursing school :)

So ....nursing school first if I were you :)

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I agree. The only modification I'd add is that I wholeheartedly am thankful for my education in psychology and I do feel it gives me a personal appreciation and a unique outlook in various situations. That being said, it certainly doesn't put money in the bank or aid you that much in your career, unless you go on to grad school, as zubisoubisou said.


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