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ok.... so got my first taste of a power hungry crazed nurse trying to run me into the ground today.... she was yelling and slamming down papers absolutely irate.... saying that I picked up and order wrong.... I looked what she was so upset about today and found that I was right and she is completely wrong.... funny thing is I don't hate her.... YET! shes just a spychopath but should I let her know how wrong she was or just leave it alone?? another note this is just her personality she shreds someone everyday... I'm a new nurse by the way and she's an RN...

You have come across a bully.

I'm so sorry.

You are maintaining control over the situation by NOT "hating" her.

I've been a nurse a long time. The answer to this problem is..

1) remain cool , confident and poised when confronted with her behavior.

2) maintain eye contact and modulate your tone while you respond to the bully's unfounded accusations .

3) Realize that, as with any bully, when you respond in this manner you will defuse her anger.. and she will become confused as to why you are not angry or frightened by her .

ANY facility you are working in should respond to a WRITTEN complaint of her actions..especially if it is in earshot of other nurses, patients or families.

Cool down, that's the ONLY way you will win this battle.

Feel free to PM me.

thank you for your reply... but my facility won't do anything even the DON knows how she is "unprofessional" but I just don't let her push me around. I think its the best I can do till she says to herself, maybe she's not a push over.

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