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sanakruz, ADN

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Hey I guess it's snpwing in New Hampshire and Idaho. Isnt that a kick?;)


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Why would someone place a pt who wasn't a danger to himself or others in restraints or seclusion? We have a crisis stabilization unit in our ER and restraints and seclusion are ONLY used as a last resort. Restraining someone who isn't combative or dangerous seems rather barbaric and illegal to me.:( :(


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Dolphin...are you even a nurse? Because if you knew your ass from your elbow, you would stop this inane babbling. My father shot himself when I was a little girl. I only WISH someone had tried to stop him. All of these people whom you feel shoud be allowed to just go and kill themselves as it is their god given right are usually someone's husband, wife, father , mother, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. Come back and talk to me when you get a clue.:(

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