roles of the nurse when it comes to sexual disorders

  1. Hello I am a senior in my nursing program and I am doing a presentation on pedophiles. I'm just looking for other nurses insight on the topic and to see if I am leaving anything important out. Their is more to my presentation but it is too much to type. Thanks everyone that is taking the time to read this and reply.

    I was just wondering about the roles of the nurse when you have a pt that is a pedophilic. I know you sort out your own feelings about the situation, so you are not judgmental in front of the pt. I am having trouble finding out what the nurses role is for the adult that is a pedophile. Any information would be great.

    Also I was wondering what everything thinks the role of the nurse is for a child that is a victim of a pedophile.

    What are the other signs and symptoms of a child that may have been sexually assaulted?

    I have these so far.

    Assessment of child

    I know that sexual trauma, STD's, pregnancy, chronic uti's in young children.
    Behavior of the child may
    Be wary of physical contract with adults
    Fear of caretaker
    Rage or withdrawal
    Verbal reporting of abuse
    Running away from home
    Sexual promiscuity
    Unusual sexual knowledge
    Sexual abuse of others

    Is their anything that I am leaving out?

    Other then the assessment and reporting of the event what are the other roles of the nurse?

    Thanks everyone.
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  3. by   beckbBSN
    I do not work with pediatrics so I cannot tell you what to look for in the pediatric patient. I do work with adults and more than one pedophile has been in my care. What do I think you need to know?

    First that it is a compulsion. They cannot help thmselves, nor can they be treated.

    Research from Canada shows that pedophiles have lower IQs. The lower the IQ the more likely the pedophile will be to a homosexual pedophile.

    Pedophiles frequently have had a significant head trauma.

    Pedophilia is significantly higher in the mentally retarded and developmentally disabled.

    Good luck.
  4. by   Thunderwolf
    BeckbBSN, can you provide a resource/website for this data that you listed?
    I don't mean to sound doubting, but I'd like to see some meat behind the potatoes (aka some data to back up the conclusions).
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  5. by   CharlieRN
    I've worked with just about everything. My suggestions: Maintain extra good boundries. Try to actually be non judgemental.

    One possible helpful thought: These pts may have really low self esteem, for good and appropriate reasons! They need realistic ways to see themselves as good people. It is the behavior that got them in trouble. Their fantasies may be unhealthy but they will not get in trouble for what they think, only what they do.
  6. by   Thunderwolf
    Very good point, Charlie! Being non judgemental and objective is key here.

    I've worked with many of these offenders in the past. The typical are white, male, employed, and married/in monogamous relationships...the guy next door. There are exceptions. My past exceptions that stand out were a couple grandmothers.
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