1. Hello everyone! I'm new on this site and I was wondering if anyone has taken the Psych and Mental Health nurse certification exam?:spin:
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  3. by   Morgan314
    I took the certification exam through ANCC years ago.
  4. by   Billikin
    What is your input about the test? How much preparation do you need and is it worth the money? I sent away for the review book from the company. Do you think will be enough to pass the test?
  5. by   Morgan314
    well, since it has been about 10 years ago, it's hard to remember. I borrowed the review book and some other notes from a friend who had taken the test the year before. I thought since I had 7 years of MH nursing and 2 yrs of detox experience, I'd have no trouble, but I didn't do well on the substance abuse part, I remember missing a question describing symptoms of a young male coming into an emergency dept, but the answer suggested he was on PCP. The test and getting certified is well worth the money. When I got certification, the company I was working for gave me a 2% raise. And having certification gives you something to be proud of. You have to get recertified every 5 years and it requires 75 hrs (I think) of continuing ed, plus several hundred dollars. I had the CEUs but not the money to get recertified. I requested to cash in all the unused sick time and vacation time I've accrued to pay for the recert, but I was turned down.