Psychopathology of Bipolar Disorder

  1. Can someone tell me waht the psychopathology including neurotransmitters of bipolar disorder is? Or direct me to a website where I could find hte information myself? I am doing a maxi map for school and I need this for tomorrow. I have tried looking in all my books and searching on the internet for help and I can't find anything. If someone could help me i'd realllly appreciate it. Thanks!
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  3. by   Daytonite - bipolar affective disorder. from emedicine. includes the pathophysiology, causes, workup, treatment (including medications), and followup.
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    What is a maxi map?
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    Quote from morgan314
    what is a maxi map?
    a maxi map is a form of concept mapping that some educators are doing with students from elementary school to college classes. it is taking information and placing it in the form of a diagram, or picture, so that the relationship between the various facts and concepts can be more easily seen. i saw a program on pbs a few months ago where an elementary school math teacher was using concept mapping to teach students some elements of basic algebra. it's a powerful learning tool and it stimulates thinking on the part of the student. specifically, with nursing care plans, when maxi maps or concept maps are utilized it becomes easier to see the relationship between medical diagnoses, nursing diagnoses, assessment data and nursing interventions. in developing these maxi maps, the student nurse is supposed to follow the steps of the nursing process: assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation. based on the many posts for help with formulating nursing diagnosis by the students on the nursing student forums, i can tell you that this process of determining nursing diagnoses is a real confusion to many students. concept mapping, and in the op's case, maxi mapping, is designed to help clear up some of that confusion and make the process easier. you can see how concept mapping for care plans is done along with a longer explanation about them at this website: - this is a nice explanation about what concept mapping is with an example of what one looks like and how it is put together.

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    Another good website is Dr. Jim Phelps is a longtime psych practitioner who has an interest in Bipolar spectrum disorder, and has a fantastic website choc full of all kinds of info. I highly recommend it.