Psych Nurse Credential

  1. I've been working in Psych (RN) off and on for about 12 yrs.

    Only have an Associates degree.

    Last two yrs. been doing evaluations and case management for Psych home health and for Regional Center D.D.'s, probably about 20-25 hrs/wk.

    Was looking at the credentialing requirements for Psych Nurse- says 2000 hrs (see link below.)

    1.) Does anyone know if they are sticklers to exactly 2000 hours (I might be a bit under.)

    2.) Am I correct in that an advanced degree is not required.

    Thanks in advance ~

    Psychiatric–Mental Health Nursing Certification Eligibility Criteria
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  3. by   elkpark
    When they say a minimum of 2000 hours, they mean a minimum of 2000 hours. If you've been working 20-25 hours/week for the last couple years, you should have 2000 hours. What were you doing before that (the requirement is 2000 hours within the last three years)? The generalist psych certification doesn't require a graduate degree. Do you also have the required psych CE hours?

    Best wishes!
  4. by   Whispera
    A few years ago, a BSN was required for generalist psych certification (and before that a BSN wasn't required). From what I can see on the ANCC site, a BSN isn't required any more, and a more advanced degree certainly isn't required for the generalist certificate.
  5. by   nurseratchit7
    The CEUs shouldn't be hard to do (online)

    I have been contracting/working with different agencies the last 2 yrs, I guess the biggest challenge is collecting proof of all the hours. Let my career slide for a couple of yrs. prior to that (brief, marriage that didn't work out) so I'm trying to be as marketable as possible with education, certs etc.

    Hadn't ever considered applying for certification except for the feedback & this forum