Post Master's Psych Certificate

  1. I am looking at post master's psych certificate programs. I'm focusing on programs that match students with preceptors. So far, I have Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins, and VCU. Googling has proven more often than not the student is on their own. I am not going through that again especially in a specialty such as psych. Does anyone know of any other programs they can recommend? Thank you for your assistance.
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  3. by   entrepreneur_np
    I did UMKC and would not recommend.
  4. by   Oldmahubbard
    Yes, this is a huge issue. Lack of preceptors. I did it some 15 years ago, and I was on my own to find someone. It was a repetitive nightmare, too. I had a preceptor who refused to give me credit for clinical hours I did over close to a year. She was crazy, as it turns out, I hope the word doesn't offend you! I thank her for all she taught me about narcissistic personality disorder.

    Eventually, the only way I got my hours was to call in favors from people I knew in the field. Apart from the clinical background, this is an excellent reason why prospective Psych NP's need RN psychiatric experience.

    Particularly now that the "family" Psych NP has arrived. You will need clinical hours with children. Good lord! I hear there is a striped purple-unicorn somewhere in the US. Have you seen him lately?