1. I am currently a nursing student, and i need some body to help me

    I have a pt who is constantly anxious about every little things. ex: his future, surgery, eyes condition....
    The problem is that he cannot let go of his obsession, and it preoccupy his thoughts. Which affects his appetite and self care ability.
    I 've tired to spend time with him and let him talks about his concerns and it didn't work.

    Does anyone has any suggestion that i could try?
    Thank you very much!
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  3. by   GingerSue
    a few ideas
    1. his obsessive behavior is something that he has learned, as a response to anticipatory anxiety - can he learn cognitive restructuring

    2. help him change his self-statements, or maladaptive beliefs - by using guided self-dialogue

    3. teach him the technique of thought stopping

    4. change irrational ways of thinking

    5. control worrying thoughts by either countering (by distracting) or challenging (by identifying exaggerated, unreal, or catastrophic)

    6. teach him to identify the negative thoughts that are not facts, and then to identify what part is unrealistic or improbable, and transform thoughts to more positive thoughts

    7. focus on positive (make a list of the person's strengths)

    I hope this is some help
  4. by   smallrice
    i think first of all, reduce the patient's anxiety tone by taking drugs regularly such as ativan, inderal, rivotril ...
    then do a simple task step by step. it can build up her /his confidence.. and the importent thing is mental support as well.
    actually obsessive behavior may be his / her charater. it is not easy to change it. we have to teach this case focus on positive and decease anxiety tone.and also i agree GingerSue's opinion learn cognitive restructuring...