Need suggestions for non-compliant clients

  1. Do you have suggestions on what to do with a client who refuses to talk to nurses ???

    I have several case of clients who do not want anything to do with the nurses, nor with anybidy from the staff. When the nurses are trying to collect information, or just to talk with the client, he just simply says that he dosen't want to talk to anybody... Any siggestions ????

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  3. by   canoehead
    Paranoia could cause that, or a previous poor experience with medical and nursing staff. If the patient is at the hospital involuntarily they are probably not in the right frame of mind to cooperate in their treatment.

    In any of the above situations the question isn't so much "why aren't they helping us?" but why would they want to talk to you?

    The best tactic is continued positive regard, spending time with the patient in spite of their reticience, always acknowledging their right to talk or not to talk, and encouraging any conversational efforts. Perhaps they would respond to talk not relating to their illness. But remember that pressure to talk will likely increase their resolve to remain silent.
  4. by   Mike-CPN-UK
    Hi Marc-André,

    Yes I would agree with Canoehead.

    In the UK we have patient advocates who would act as go-between in these situations which may help the nursing staff and give the client the opportunity to talk to someone they feel is an ally.

  5. by   MHN
    Marc, we have consumer representatives here they can sometimes be of help.Also old saying gently gently catchee monkey.Check regulary on patient if inpatient tell them on your visits to them i have just come to check on you because i am responsible for you and your safety i understand you may not feel like talking at the moment however if you need something i'm the person to ask.They will eventually come round its a matter of time and patience.MHN