Need assistance, please

  1. I posted this on the General Board, but since this is your speciality, I hoped maybe one of you could help.

    I signed on tonight with intentions of coming to the bb, and received an IM from a 19 year old kid from Edmond, Oaklahoma. Normally, after booting up, I shut down AOL IM, but for some reason tonight, I didn't. She's severely depressed, on the brink of a severe eating disorder. Also has a father fighting mutiple brain tumors. Anyway, I am by no means a psychological nurse, so the best I could do is get her to agree on counceling IF I could get her the name and number of someone near her. She does have medical insurance with "Soonerhealth". Her mom is caught up in her father's illness, so the child feels all alone in this. Can any of you guys reccommend someone in that area???

    Any help is very much appreciated!
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  3. by   Bjo
    I don't know anyone in that area but it sounds like you did all you can do given the lack of information you have. Maybe there is a hotline number she could call.
    Bobbi Jo