job fair for psych position

  1. I will be attending a job fair for a hospital hiring various positions- of which psych is one. This is the position I've been dreaming of at the hospital I've been wanting to work at for years. A lot is riding on this career fair. I want to be prepared for everything and, if given the opportunity to have an interview, would love to ask the hiring manager insightful, intelligent questions. I was hoping some of you could direct me.

    If you were the hiring manager for your unit- what questions or concerns would you like to see a prospective employee ask? What could an applicant bring to the table that would really impress you?

    Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.
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  3. by   Nature_walker
    One thing that I've always asked is "what does it take to be successful on your unit?" That answer will help you see a glimpse of what the culture is like as well as what the manager expects of you right away.
  4. by   heynow1313
    Perfect. Thank you. I like that it's general and open ended so it gets them talking. Thanks!
  5. by   LaraRN86
    What is the most productive member of your team like and what can I do to be more like them?
  6. by   heynow1313
    Thank you Lara. The job fair took place already and unfortunately, the interview didn't go so well. I appreciate your feedback though!