I need your help with my job application

  1. I'm currently working as a psych nurse in a local hospital, and am applying for another position as a psych nurse working with juveniles at another facility. I'm now trying to answer "why" I want to work with a juvenile population. I'm stumped as to how to answer this. I can't say because the hours are better, the pay is better, and I'm burnt out on dealing with the geriatrics, etc. How should I tactfully answer this question? Don't want to blow this opportunity before I get an interview. Any input will be sincerely appreciated!
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  3. by   MHN
    georgia girl,Maybe you could say you are looking for new challenges and by working with juveniles you'll be able to put something positive back to society.
  4. by   Nurse Ratched
    I made a major switch in age groups I treat recently - from largely geriatrics to mostly college age kids. I told them I wanted to work with patients who had a greater chance of benefitting from interventions that would affect them long term, as opposed to the short term symptom-management I was able to offer most of my older patients. You have a better chance of positively impacting the 16 year old who has gotten off track than the 50 year old who has been drinking for the past 30 years and has already trashed their liver, for example.
  5. by   GeorgiaGirl
    You have been very helpful!
  6. by   Gabriele
    Hello ,
    recently ,I apply for position as a nurse in the psychiatric hospital ..Durning the interview , I was appused by the fact that the Nurse Director only ask me two questions ( I expected more though ) :
    Q 1 : Why do you want to work here in this psychiatric hospital ?
    Q 2 : What qualities do you think a psychiatric nurse should posess ?

    After answering both questions , I realised that the Nursing director did not ask any futher ..Throughout the interview , I was the one who kept talking and talking while the interviewer ( Nurse Director ) kept smiling and nodding continously. ( Well , I was feeling very uneasy as there was no reply from the N .D ) And so I wonder if I really talk sense

    Anyway , I felt extremely lousy durning and after the interview as I was sure that they would not hire me when all they asked was only 2 questions .

    But miracle happen ! The very next day , The hospital called and said that they offered me the job !

    To be frank with you , till now I still couldn't believe that I'm selected......