How would you describe it?

  1. I need your help.

    I've been asked to work on the second edition of "No Time to Teach?" I would like to add creative ways to explain complex medical stuff to lay learners. I'm sure every person reading this has at least one method they found works.

    For example, when describing to a learner how the percussion and vibration of CPT (chest physiotherapy) works, I say it's like shaking Jell-o out of the mold.

    Got it?

    Please send me your personal favorite, with your name (with credentials) and job title. If I use your contribution, you'll be listed in the acknowledgments.

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  3. by   donmurray
    Hi , Your post looked lonely, maybe I can start a response. I'm not sure what you need, but one explanation I have used in describing the dementing process, and the loss of brain cells, is that of a tree, in autumn, shedding leaves. In vascular dementias it may be gusts of wind taking groups of "leaves" and their functions, and of course the tree itself stands for the blood supply. I find this simile flexible, as comprehensive as required, and just a touch romantic. It seems effective too!
  4. by   MHN
    Fran ,one could describe it as trying to play the bongos or trying to play a zylophone with yours hands.

  5. by   Mike-CPN-UK
    Hi Fran,

    I heard a good one to describe the onset of Alzheimer's Disease.

    If you go shopping and forget where you parked your car, that could be put down to stress. People with Alzheimers would go shopping and forget who they went with!