How can I become a nurse practitioner in the behavioral and mental health field? - page 2

Hi, I'm an undergraduate nursing student at the University of Texas at Austin. I plan on graduating with a BSN in nursing and applying to a graduate school to receive a masters in nursing. ... Read More

  1. by   BarbPick
    Sometimes I think I was put on this earth to be a stick in the mud. I tell all to get one year of med surg experience under your belt, so you know how to take care of sick people and the go forth and Prosper.
  2. by   Psychonurse34
    persons with a mental illness are some ways i agree with getting the med-surg experience but imho with the patient/nurse ratios the way they are these days, your license can be put in jeopardy...not that it can't be put in jeopardy with psych patients but i like my odds better with my good ole schizos and bipolars...but that's just me