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  1. I dont work in a prison but this is the format we use in psych settings. First if you are able identify the plan and lethality, take into account past history, we have risk assessments and any of the following can be implemented.
    1. 30 minute observations
    2. 10 minute observations
    3. special obs - must be within arms reach and in sight at all times
    4. Constant obs - must be with the person the whole time even when they use the toilet etc
    If you want more info I will assist if I can
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  3. by   formernurse
    In all the psych facilities I worked, the doctors would order one of the levels that Heidi just pointed out. This was, we were all on the same page when it came to "suicide watch."
  4. by   Heidi
    Where I worked both nurses and doctors could implement the above. The Doctors however if a nurse put someone on "constant obs" had to review the client in two hours.
  5. by   JailRN
    In our facility, we have 'suicide blankets' that can't be shreaded like regulat blankets, to prevent hanging. The inmate is issued one of these, We also have a restraint chair, where htey can be restrainted 5 point.(Both arms, both legs and waist.) until transport to county facility. We're only a level 1 jail, so we get them out. Until them they are watched q 15 min. or constantly, depending on the situation. If they are in the restraint chair, there must be careful documantation, vs, fluid, nourishment, release of extremities, bathroom time, etc. and of course written documantation.