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  1. I mean from the very beginning. I'm changing careers from things totally unrelated. I will be starting Nursing School in the fall. I've always been drawn to those hurting emotionally. I don't know the in's and out's of nursing (I don't even know the different types of nursing), but I believe that Psych Nursing is where I belong. I'm 36, so I have enough life experience to know that I don't have enough experience. How can I go about getting it? It seems that every job opening in the facilities requires time spent working in a psych facility. I understand that... I don't want to hurt anyone. I just wonder if any of you would mind giving me your thoughts on this.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   Davey Do
    I guess getting started from the very beginning would have me asking myself some questions: What is it, besides a Paycheck, do I want out of this Life-Changing Career Choice? What didn't my Previous Career give me that inspired me to choose such a different career path? What, from this new career path, will keep me going for the remainder of my Working Days?

    "Drawn to those hurting emotionally" because you can Empathize with them? Because you want to help them with their Emotional Pain? You believe you have something to contribute? What draws you to these People who are hurting emotionally? Will whatever draws you to those who are hurting emotionally buoy you on for the remainder of your Working days? Or, will you merely choose to follow a new Career Path?

    Nursing is a great area to work in for diversity of Specialties, so you can't really go wrong- if you are committed to becoming a Nurse.

    Many of us equate Nursing with a Life's Calling. We are whoever we are in our Personal Lives, but we are always Nurses. We see Nursing as the Focal Point of Our Lives. We look at life through a Nurse's eyes, whether we be Medical or Psychiatric- palpating a loved one's veins while snuggling or preventing a tense, personal emotional situation from esculating out of control.

    My LPN Instructor's First Recommendation: DO NO HARM. So, of course you don't want to hurt anyone. Why would you even make a statement like that?

    My advice to you, kngsbard, is to immerse yourself in Nursing starting.... now! This Autumn, you won't have the time to immerse yourself because you will be immersed in Nursing.

    Eat, breathe, and live Nursing.

    Otherwise, you'll end up on one of the Forums complaining how tough the Nursing Program is, or how disappointed you are with your Creeer Choice, or how you feel Nursing has let you down, or some other Superficial Namby Pamby Whiney Complaint.

    Good Luck to you, kngsbard!

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  4. by   sandanrnstudent
    Thank you Dave for such a great reply. I am in a similar position as the OP as far as I will be starting nursing school this august for an ADN program. I have wanted to be a psych nurse since a few family members went IP. I personally have had mental health struggles and now am doing AWESOME with the right meds I'm currently taking. I've been doing well for close to two years now. A few nurses that I met while IP told me some of their own struggles and really helped me see that the profession can GIVE BACK so much to those who, like I was, needed someone to listen and to protect them from themselves.

    Just wanted to chime in and say my passion and lifelong calling has been in medicine, and in the past decade has become more on the mental health nursing front.