From Australia to Canada.....Help Please

  1. G'Day from downunder.
    I am leaving Australia to live and work in Edmonton, Canada in Feb 2006 and really need to assistance please. I am trying to locate some old RPNAA exam papers to help familiarise myself with the exam that I have to sit in March 2006, would love to hear from anyone working in Psychiatry in Alberta, Canada. would also love to hear from anyone with some experience working in the Forensic system in Alberta, any assistance would be great.
    Finally I would love to hear from anyone working in Psychiatry in Edmonton and to find out more about the City and everything to do with Edmonton.
    Look forward to hearing from anyone.
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  3. by   Thunderwolf

    and keep your eyes open. We have plenty of Canadian folk who come to the board. Have a safe relocation. I'm sure you will do fine on the exam.
  4. by   Fiona59
    I live and work in Edmonton as a LPN, so these web, (has all the association links you'll need).

    You have picked a good time to enter our system. The province is finally putting a load of cash back into healthcare after 15 years of slashing. So staffing levels are one areas they have promised to boost.

    Good Luck. The cold grows on you and winter only lasts about five months. Today it's 8C but they are forecasting -5 for tomorrow morning. Winter usually starts around the last week of October and the snow is gone by mid-April.

    If you need more info PM me.
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