Evelyn Tomlin and her theory

  1. I am a nursing student in my psych semester. I have to write a 2 page paper on Evelyn tomlin's nuring theory and how it relates to psychiatric nursing.

    Can anyone help me?????

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  3. by   shrinkyrn
    First download Copernic Meta as a search engine... I swear by it. That's were I got the following info: Theory of Modeling & Role Modeling book written by Evelyn and 2 others H. Erickson & M. Swain 1983. there is an organization that I found mrmnursingtheory.org there are some interesting factoids and maybe you can access some other info from there. Good Luck.......
  4. by   Morgan314
    Who is Evelyn Tomlin?
  5. by   regglynn
    Thanks for the help!!!