What is the best area to work in for psych experience that is not psych?

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I want to be a psych NP, but my scholarship program requires me to work at a certain hospital for 3 years, which doesn't have positions as a psych RN. Would being a behavioral health CNA in undergrad or doing psych related research or work on the side counterbalance it a bit?

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Consider options that have psychiatric co-morbidities—chemical dependency, detox, rehab work with individuals having traumatic brain injury, geriatric psych/dementia.  There are likely others.  Is your hospital system inpatient only or are there outpatient options.  I've always thought you deal with individuals having psychiatric/behavioral health options everywhere.  Best of luck to you

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Working in the ER will likely expose you to psych emergencies.  Also, oncology.  Neurology would also expose you to psych issues.  If the hospital has orthopedics or similar, working with chronic pain pts will also provide related psych experience as pain pts often have psych comorbidities.

If you work as a nurse or a CNA in a hospital you will encounter psych issues both with your patients and your coworkers. 

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