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Has anyone seen EPS from Geodon? I work at an inpatient facility and have seen 5 cases of EPS in children and adolescents from being on Geodon. On two occasions the psychiatrist believed the... Read More

  1. by   Thunderwolf
    Haldol and Benadry can be mixed.
    I guess this depends upon your own drug book/hospital reference. Mine reads incompatible. And, I have never given it together mixed in my experience. So, the answer to this is to check with your hospital pharmacy who will give their recommendation of use.
  2. by   Thunderwolf
    Agreed...never seen a faked EPS. But, I've seen many a drug seeker fake a seizure (poor ones at that) to get that IM Ativan...amazing.
  3. by   GooeyRN
    I too have seen adolescents fake a seizure trying to get some Ativan. Never saw someone fake eps though. Benedryl or Cogentin are ordered immediatly at the first sign of a problem where I used to work. Usually Cogentin. A lot of kids there take Thorazine, Zyprexa, Abilify,or Risperdal on a daily basis even at home. Some adolescents get Geodon but never have I seen it on the children's unit. Benedryl was sometimes used as a prn for agitation on the childrens unit. But then that would be changed to something else b/c some kids got a buzz from it and would act up just to get some. We had one kid that would act up just b/c he liked the taste of liquid benedryl.
  4. by   PRNMEDS
    I never heard of an incompatibility. We give it all the time at work. I will double check with our pharmacist, but again I have personaly given it a few hundred times over the years.
  5. by   Thunderwolf
    Just discussed today with one of our hospital pharmacists about the compatibility of Haldol and Benadryl in the same syringe. Our pharmacist reports that they are incompatible as well....crystalization results.