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    I was wondering if I could get some help from this board. I am currently in school for my ADN and post on another board. My son who is 6yrs old, is ALWAYS afraid. I need to really stress the kind of fear he has because everytime I take him to his Ped he seems to think that it is no big deal. Hopefully nurses from this board will be able to understand me more. We are to the point where he is not sleeping (most nights will fall asleep about 4 or 5 am). During these periods at night he cries and shakes. When I ask him why he is scared he says that he can see someone. Is this true? He says he is all black with red eyes. I have tried everything (he already sleeps with me) we have a night light, we have tried having the tv on, soft music. He has a bedtime routine that includes a cool down time (bath & reading). I am so frustrated that I cry with him some nights. Now let me say that this happens during the day too. He panics the moment I leave the room. He waits to go to the bathroom due to the fear of being alone. He has gone pee pee on his pants 2x because he won't go in the bathroom, in broad daylight. It is affecting our everyday life and activities. He is currently on Concerta 15mg for ADHD. I have talked to his Ped about this and he says that all kids have night terrors and some kind of fear. He does not understand how it is controlling our activities. Can someone help me with ideas or advice PLEASE. I would really appreciate it.

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  3. by   purplemania
    While I agree that kids have night terrors, what you describe is debilitating and should be dealt with promptly. I would either get a second MD opinion, seek out a child psychologist or both. He will not be able to attend school if he cannot function without you being present.
  4. by   lucianne
    No, this is not ordinary fear and night terrors. You have to go to sleep to have night terrors. He isn't sleeping, he show signs of developing secondary eneuresis, he tells you he is seeing things: you need to get him to a child psychiatrist ASAP and need to get him re-evaluated. Is your ped the one who put him on Concerta? I personally don't think pediatricians have any business prescribing psychotropic medications--not even the stimulants.

    If you don't have anyone who can give you a recommendation for a child psychiatrist, go to and post the question or look at their list of psychiatrists. I'm not diagnosing your child, that's just a good source for child psychiatrists.

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