4yo bipolar???

  1. just a shot in the dark..... what do you all think of a 4 you being diagnosed with bipolar from a pediatrician? I personally think it's a bit early for this type of diagnosis, mom hasn't seen a prof psychiatrist yet, yet the symptoms seem to fit and boarderline psychosis. feel free to pm me personally with this.
    xo Jen
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  3. by   elkpark
    I don't think pediatricians should be diagnosing psychiatric disorders in children at all. Too many subtle and complicated factors involved. It's challenging enough for really skilled and competent child psych professionals (as opposed to all the people who are trained to work with adults but just put themselves forward as child psych people). It's bad enough that all the family practice docs are diagnosing and treating adults, but the pediatrician thing really bothers me ...

    I've been saying for years (as a child psych CS, couldja guess??) that, if we psych professionals were treating people's diabetes and heart disease, the rest of the medical community would all be marching on us in an angry mob with torches and pitchforks, but they have no problem at all with turning it around the other way ... Duuuhhhhh, it's a specialty!
  4. by   lucianne
    I think you're absolutely right, elkpark, and I've said the very same thing about psych professionals treating physical illnesses.

    As I wrote on the other thread, I don't think 4 is necessarily too young for a psych diagnosis. I think any child under 18 is too young to be diagnosed with ANY psych disorder by a pediatrician though.
  5. by   TinyNurse
    Thanks folks. I agree with both of you. Just wanted to see what other nurses thought. xo Jen
  6. by   lucianne
    Did you see the replies to your other thread? Just wonderin' since you never posted on it again.
  7. by   RedWhiteBlue
    I agree a pediatrician in no way should be diagnosing bipolar disorder, but I do think it is possible but rare for a 4 y/o to be bipolar. I personally know a child that age and if he isn't eventually diagnosed as bipolar, I'll be very surprised.
  8. by   nancynurse41
    Who Is Diagnosing 4 Year Olds With A Mental Illness? I Would Question Any Professional Including Those Specialized In Child Psyh.. I Would Suggest Seeking More Than One Opinion By Child Pscyhiatrists, I Would Just Be Careful That You Don't End Up Hurting The Child By Exposing Them To Psychiatric Treatment.