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Psychiatric Nursing in Canada


I am exploring my options of getting my BA in other provinces other than BC. If I were to come back to BC after completing my program, would I have equal chances of finding a job? I know many people find a job through their practicum, and I won't have that advantage graduating in a different province.



Has 18 years experience.

How is a BA going to get you a nursing job???

My mistake. I have actually just completed my BA which is why I am used to the term. I meant BSN, of course.

It is true that some graduates can find employment where they completed their final practicum/preceptorship. But there are some who do not. Myself and some of my classmates I graduated with do not work where we did our practicums. I applied directly through a health authority along with other new and experienced nurses and got hired. Many new nurses applied for The New Graduate Practice Start Program for employment at the health authority. As long as you meet the requirements to practice under the CRNBC/CRPNBC and especially if you have experience I don't think having a degree from another province would diminish your chance in acquiring employment here in BC. You should take a browse through employment sites for the health authorities (Fraser Health, Vancouver Coastal Health, Providence Health Care, Provincial Health Services Authority, Northern Health)