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psych RN jobs in NC

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Hello all,

My family situation has hit a rough patch. I can't move out because of my student loan payments and my mom's house is in foreclosure. We live outside Chicago. She is looking into relocating to north Carolina as she is nearing retirement age, is unhappy and doesn't make enough at her current job. I was wondering what the market is like for RN-BSNs with 1 year experience but it is in acute psych.

It was the only area of nursing hiring. If you could give info on finding a job, what areas/types of positions I should apply for, what NC is like to live in, pay, weather, cost of living, traffic etc I would greatly appreciate it! She is interested mostly in Raleigh triangle or Charlotte.

Thank you!

I know Holly Hill Hospital is psych. That's in the Raleigh area. Also check, NC State jobs. They have some psych nursing jobs as well.

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If you're considering moving closer to the NC/VA border, there's some psych in the Virginia Hampton Roads areas. Virginia Beach Psychiatric Center is a stand-alone psych facility. Maryview, Sentara and VAMC are hospitals with psych units.