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I am very interested in a position at state hospital in mt area, The hospital has psych and med/surg and they plan on floating me to all the different floors. Which is only 4 floors. But what is making me a little nervous is the fact that there is only 4 weeks of training for a new grad! I really want to do psych nursing and the pay there is really good for a new grad, but I am very scared! Can a new graduate actually learn enough to be on there own in 4 weeks?

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Well, if it was me (experienced RN) I would need more than a week on each floor to feel comfortable, and I have gone through almost every specialty at one time or another. How much responsibility will you have, acuity, number of patients, and seasoned staff around able (and willing) to act as preceptors after the initial weeks? What differentiates the units, what skills will you have to digest in those weeks? Will you have to act as charge nurse, or take on delegation after the orientation? Depending on your comfort level any one of those points could be deal breakers.

And- what does the rushed orientation say about the rest of your career and learning opportunities?

One of the psych hospitals in ME is hiring new grads, with an excellent orientation period. I don't work for them, so don't get a bonus for luring you there. Check them out if you like. The Acadia Hospital in Bangor, Maine. You could even compare orientations and use the info for leverage at your preferred institution.

Good luck.



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Thank alot for the info. I will look into the hospital you mentioned and see if I can use it for some leverage! Thanks again for the advice!

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