psych nursing interview HELP!


I am a Registered Nurse and have worked in "medical" areas for many years. I have an interview in "psych" nursing and would like to know what to expect in the interview. Any recent interviewees :).

The last time I had any kind of interview it was a "behavioral interview" ie - "name a time when....." - it was horrible mostly because I never was interviewed in such a manner before. Are they still using these SILLY interviews - I am going to be needing psych help before I get there :).



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Yep, behavioral questions. I'm sure you won't do too bad, I'm sure you have taken care of a psych pt a time or two on med/surg ;)


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Familiarize yourself with: your state's legal-holds codes, such as 5150, DTS/DTO/GD, 24 hour, 72 hour holds, 14 day holds, conservatorship status, pt.'s rights, using restraints on pt.'s {different in psych facilities then other medical facilities.}


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thank you - would not have thought like that :)

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Also brush up on therapeutic communication techniques, common psych meds and their side effects, and the signs/symptoms of serious adverse reactions such as neuroleptic malignant syndrome, EPS, etc., and how you would treat them.

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Those silly behavioral questions are actually preferred because it involves what you actually Have done in a particular situation, or even how you might have learned from it as opposed to imagining what you would do.

I'd ask about therapeutic communication, ways of dealing with challenging patients (and staff), you ability to delegate and manage support staff. Also your ability to deescalate patients, and your philosophy of emergency meds, seclusion, restraints, etc


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oh thank you sooo much mrchicago rn :)


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thank you! ChelleNurse!


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yes TerpGal02 i have but i am nervous :( thank you!