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In case anybody is intrested in a new thread for the August 27th I am!

I'm here suffering right along with you ;-). New to the forum but I've been lurking the last 4 classes and have gotten some very good information.

I logged in to this class last night and downloaded all of the material and read the chapters. I hate that each question is a single question and you cannot see the entire assignment on a single page.

I am taking this class along with the 15 week Ethics class and hope I didn't get myself in over my head!

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I know! I wonder if you just go thru the questions and not in the practice quiz.....all the questions come up at the end. I have no idea.....afraid to try, lol.

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I copied and pasted each question and put them all together in a word document, then printed it out to work on it. In our 5 week class last quarter, you could go through all of the assignment questions without saving or submitting.

Yes that's what I've been doing but it is just one extra step to take. I couldn't get the notes to print without copying and pasting to Word either. The PDF documents were no problem.

We can open and work on assignments without submitting them as long as you don't mistakenly hit the save and send button (even though it keeps telling you to). It's as if it is taunting you ;-)

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I printed out the questions for assignments 1-5 because I like to have things in my hands right in front of me. It helps me keep things in order!

Oh great. I was trying to print out the assignment and it locked up at question 14 and told me I don't have permission. I think I will be good friend with tech support!

Hello everyone! I am aslo stuck on question 14...Iam not sure what to do? I contacted tech support and they put in a work order. Wonder how long I will have to wait to get it fixed?

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Several people in my group have the same issue! I have not tried to submit the answers yet. Tomorrow is the day. The moderator seems to be very understanding of the issue.

It is reassuring to hear others are having difficulty and it wasn't just me. The probability of it being a user error was high (pun intended). I am glad the class does not officially start until next week. At the rate I am going it will take me that long to get the bugs fixed.

Sorry to hear you guys are having technical problems. I didn't have a lick of problems with computer stuff when I took it.

Your anxiety is already high enough if you're anything like me, and you don't need this on top of it.

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Wonder if you guys are in my section?

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