Psy230 at Rio Salado easy or hard?

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I'm thinking about taking psy230 over the summer while I'm not in nursing school.. Is Rio Salado online the way to go? If so with what instructor? And any advice?

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I took Rio Salado statistics in the summer.

I hate to say is it "easy" or "hard" because its such a subjective question. What is hard for me, may be easy for someone else. But, I can tell you about MY personal experience....

This class has online module videos and a textbook that goes along with the course. I feel it is accurate to say it is primarily a self-taught class. Because of this, it required LOTS of my time. I spent many hours trying to learn it and then apply it to the weekly quizzes and homework. (you get 2 attempts on the quizzes). This was not proctored. All quizzes and tests were online at home.

Math is also a weak subject for me. While I have passed all my math classes with A's, it was because of how much time and effort I put into comprehending it. I felt it was the same for this Stats class. I got an A, but I also spent lots of time on it.

Tips: Definitely get yourself a TI-84 calculator (this is permitted in the class). This way you can plug numbers into the calculator and allow it to compute the answer for you, instead of you doing the long formulas by hand. You can buy used TI-84 on craigslist if you are sticking to a budget.

My friend took Stats in person on campus at GCC. She said it was mediocre hard for her. She had only one attempt to take the quizzes, but she did have the advantage of being taught by a teacher in person.

So, really you have to examine how you learn best. Are you self motivated? Do you have the ability to teach yourself? How loaded is your summer schedule? All of these will play into whether or not you should choose it online or in person.

Cheers and Good Luck

PS. Forum rules prevent us from giving out names of instructors or I would post it for you. Sorry.

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