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Psb test


Hi all!

I am set to take the PSB test in one week (super short notice.. recently moved across the country). Anyhow, I've been taking practice tests.. and have been doing fairly well in all subjects except science. For whatever reason, the science questions all look foreign to me. (I graduated high school 10 years ago.. so maybe that's why!) It's overwhelming me because it seems to cover a wide variety of science subjects, so I'm not sure where to start refreshing. Does anyone have advice on a good place to start studying? Any help is appreciated!!

thank you!

Don't feel bad. It is a bit overwhelming! I'm in the same boat. I graduated high school 17 years ago. I'm having to brush up on everything. Are you taking practice tests online? I bought the Mometrix test preparation book from amazon. It's just so much material to cover. I'm going on the 16th to the school to file the intent to apply to the program so I can schedule the PSB. I'm so nervous about it!

I got that prep book and the practice question book from amazon as well. I haven't found many practice tests online.. do have any good links? I'm surprised I feel SO in the dark about the science questions.. I took biology not that long ago! What school are you applying to?

I'm surprised that there is so much chemistry and physics covered in the prep book! I'm hoping that it's just overkill to have you overly prepared so once you get in there the test itself won't seem so bad. At least that's my hope! lol I'm applying to CFCC to the ADN program. What about you?

I am DEFINITELY hoping they are over prepping you! I would be thrilled to walk out of the test thinking it was way easier than I was anticipating!! I'm applying to the same program. Here's hoping we meet in the fall! ;)

Awesome! When are you scheduled to take the PSB? Let me know how it goes. And we can keep in touch throughout the application process. It's a long road ahead still!

I'm taking it this Friday. (The 9th). I will let you know how it goes and what you should study! I'm so nervous.. my kids haven't been suuuuuper helpful with the whole "trying to study" thing!

I know mine either! I have a 13 year old and a set of 2 1/2 year old twins and it's almost impossible to get any study time in! You said you moved here from across country? What part? Good luck on your test Friday!!:up:

Oh wow, twins! I have a 6 year old, an almost 4 year old, and an 8 month old. Sometimes I wonder if I'm crazy- haha. We just moved from California. Are you from here originally?

I feel crazy a lot of the time! HA! I'm also trying to finish up the last 2 weeks of this semester at CFCC. I've been trying to get some of the general education classes out of the way so hopefully if I get accepted I'll have just the core classes to focus on. My friend that lives in my cul-de-sac is from California. The Huntington beach area I think. I'm a local. My husband too. And both sides of our families. Our families have been here FOREVER!! lol.

Nice! Have you finished all your sciences? I'm taking anatomy next semester

I'm having to re-take them because they can't be older than 5 years old, and mine are. So, I'm taking BIO 168 next semester and ART 111.

I'm taking bio 168 next semester too! And psych 241

Are you taking 168 downtown or at the North campus? I think mine is at the downtown campus.

Mines downtown. It's a night class

Hi! I thought I'd update- for the one person following haha. I took the test today. I found the vocab, reading comprehension and math to be super easy. The time limit on the reading comprehension seemed kind of short, but I ended up finishing without rushing too much. The spelling was surprisingly difficult. I wasn't anticipating having any problems with that part, but I kept second guessing myself! The science wasn't awful. There were definitely questions that I had NO idea on.. but I would say more often than not, I was pretty certain on the answer.

There wasn't a whole lot of physics. More bio, anatomy and chemistry.

let me know if you have any other questions!

What about the math part? Were you allowed a calculator? Well, that part for you is out of the way.. overall how do you feel you did?

No calculators for math.. just scratch paper. It was mostly word problems, so the actual math was fairly easy once you figured out what they were asking for.

Im so glad that part is over! It's been a crazy couple of weeks.. I'm ready to breathe a little.

Overall, I feel pretty confident about it. It'll be interesting to see how I stack up against other people taking the test.