Proximal humerus fracture positioning

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So I work at. Little community hospital and we have our othropods that we know and love. They use our new berchtold bed shoulder positioners with the McConnell arm positioner for anything to do with shoulders.

we have a locum trauma doc that is getting into it with us because we don't have a sheet of plexiglass to put under a supine PT to do an ORIF that way. Says beach chair is crap. He says if I can find a video from an association that is not supine or on a Jackson table (we don't have) then he'll buy me a new car (fingers crossed it's not a hot wheels 😂).

I have found videos of the patients in beach chair but it never shows how the effected sides hand is draped/positioned.


how do YOU position YOUR patients for a proximal humerus ORIF? Cause now I just want to say, "see! Other people do it THIS way- and there is more than one way!" Cause I'm not petty or anything- just looking to expand my horizons :)

We have the plexiglas.

Wouldn't it be in everyone's interest to just source the plexiglas for use in this surgeon's cases, add it to the preference card, and move on to bigger issues?

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The bosses say since there is no IFU's for the plexiglass we can't ise it.

Here is one that should come with an IFU...

Duraclear™ Arm & Hand Table 12" x 3

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Beach chair with varios positioners or lateral on vacpack.

Rarely have seen supine.

A lot of our docs use the beach chair, sometimes with the spider arm. One of our docs uses a regular table with a Mayfield horseshoe with a padded mayo stand.

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